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Large Body Sock 2 / Green

* 1 Large Green Body Sock.
* 1 x Bag

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Condition: New

This 4 way stretch lycra sensory body sock allows all round movement, proprioceptive, tactile and deep pressure experience.

This item is: A Large Body sock:
150cm long x 75cm wide (opening 70cm) - suitable for children 1.5m to 1.75m tall.

This item has a velcro fastening.

Once inside, the stretchy material gently resists your movements encouraging experimentation. The resistant walls of the body sock provide a tactile means of self-referencing that improves body awareness and assists in developing spatial awareness through balance and resistance.

The body sock is a great therapy and play tool for autism and sensory integration.

We have several Body Socks in our Catalogue in other sizes.

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