Do you have a child with a Special Educational Need or Disability?

The SEND Sharing Service is a Lending Library which creates opportunities for children with additional needs to access a variety of toys and specialist equipment to help encourage families to interact and play together.

The service is available to Swindon based families who have a child/ren with additional needs (these can be diagnosed or undiagnosed needs).

The aim of the service is to support child development through play as well as providing a chance for parents and carers to trial specialist SEND equipment.

Toys by their nature can be short-lived items with a limited lifespan of interest. Our SEND Sharing Service will enable families to browse our catalogue of items which hosts a variety of play and practical resources to encourage more stimulation and chances for sensory play and a wide selection of informative and helpful books for parents and carers on various SEND related subjects.

What are the Benefits of using The SEND Sharing Service?

We can provide you with an opportunity to trial a toy or piece of equipment before committing to an expensive purchase for your home.

We can give you access to a range of sensory, play and therapy equipment, to support and encourage all areas of development.

Further Information on how to join: 

You can find more information about how The SEND Sharing Service works and how to register by clicking on our SEND Sharing Service Policy and Information Pages. If once you've read all the terms and conditions you're interested in joining the service you're welcome to register with The SEND Sharing Service for a yearly fee of £3 per family (this fee will go towards the upkeep and running costs of the library).

You can browse all our available toys and equipment on the catalogue pages before you decide if you'd like to register with the service.


If you would like any further information or details please contact the SEND Families Voice Team.

Contact Email: